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Regarding the UI design concept and assumed folder structure of the video title selection screen (SciFi theater scene) of Channel Player

UI design concept of video title selection screen (SciFi theater scene)

When you start Channel Player and complete the first folder setting, it will search all folders under the set folder position, create a list of video titles, and display only one of those folders. .

With normal video playback apps, it’s common to display a file list and select a file to play, but in Channel Player, we decided to handle it by folder. Also, if there are many video titles, it would be normal to have a UI that displays them side by side as much as possible. But with Channel Player, we didn’t do that and just had one. One of the reasons for this is that when you see a lot of things like Amazon Prime and Netflix sites, you get confused, but you end up watching only one. Because I wanted to make it look bigger. Only one amount is displayed at a time, and the screen in front of you is maximized.

Instead, if you tilt the stick up, down, left, or right, a different title will be displayed. Also, if you want to display the titles in order of name or date, instead of clicking somewhere and sorting again, you can sort them first and change the displayed column to display the title of that attribute. I made it Unplayed titles, titles selected as favorites, history display, etc. are handled in the same way.

In fact, if you think about the procedure from selecting a title to starting playback with a normal video playback application, when you select a title, you open the folder here and there, and when you finally find it and open it, play it first this time. It is very troublesome to have to find the title. However, with Channel Player, you don’t have to think about such things at all, and you can start playing right away. Also, the blue diamond mark on the upper right makes it easy to tell whether or not it has been played, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can also freely enter keywords in alphanumeric characters only when searching. Since the search target is the folder name, we made it possible to extract the keyword from the folder name obtained when searching for the first video title and use it as a search key by clicking the word button.

Regarding the structure of the video and still image storage folders assumed by Channel Player

In order to realize the design concept described above, the cooperation of users is actually necessary, and I would like to introduce the folder structure that Channel Player assumes as a folder structure where video files are saved.

First, let me explain the terms video folder and stills folder. In general, I think that video files and still image files are placed in folders on the file system. In Channel Player, if there is even one video file in that folder, it will be treated as a video folder, the folder name will be displayed as the title of the video, and it will be treated as one content. Also, if the folder contains only still image files, it will be treated as a still image folder and the folder name will be treated as one content.

Specifically, first, assuming the folder structure is as shown below, in this structure, if you select the top folder shown in the upper left in the folder settings, video folder 1, video folder 2, and still image folder will be created. Each will be treated as a title for playback, and only three will be visible.

top foldervideo folder 1video file 1mp4 file
video file 2
Still image file 1 jpg, png, webp file
video folder 2video file 1
video file 2
Still image file 1
Still image file 2
still image folderStill image file 1
Still image file 2
General folder structure

In this example, video folder 2 has two thumbnail still images. Also, in the case of the above still image folder, still image files 1 and 2 stored in the folder are displayed in order each time the title is displayed.

About category folders

Next, let’s talk about category folders.

top foldercategory folder 1video folder 1
video folder 2
video folder 3
category folder 2video folder 1
video folder 2
zip file
category folders

In this example, under the top folder, there is a category folder with multiple video folders. Also, the video folder contains video files and still image files as explained earlier. Here, for category folders 1 and 2, when moving to the 7th line from the top in the theater scene, the category folder name is displayed in the upper left, and the video folders in it are displayed as belonging to that category. As a title, treat it as it will be displayed.

The above example shows that there is no video folder directly under the top folder, but it is okay if there are video folders and still image folders directly under the top folder as in the first example. In that case, it just doesn’t go into the category folder.

About Comic book

In the above folder structure, the zip file is placed under category folder 2, but not only in this position, the zip file and cbz file found during the search at startup will have the file name as the content title and still It is treated as a comic book (still image title) containing image files.

How to follow video playback format and Setting_Separate.txt file

When playing a video file, the format of the video file (3D format 360 degrees, 180 degrees, 180 degrees FishEye, Side by Side (LR), Up Down (Top Bottom), Mono, 2D format) can be changed each time the video file changes. Choosing the right one can be a real hassle. Channel Player has some automatic recognition functions, but there are many cases where manual settings are required. Channel Player handles files one by one on a folder-by-folder basis so that you can save time and effort. The format of the file to be played follows the format of the file played immediately before.

If there are multiple files in the case of a video title in 3D VR format, they generally have the same format, so by handling them this way, you only need to set the format format once, which is convenient.

Here, if 2D video files are mixed and placed in the same folder, even if the previous format format is followed, even if the 2D video is played back in the 3D VR video format, it will not be displayed correctly, and the 3D VR video will not be displayed correctly. The same is true for , and you are forced to set the format format. Therefore, it is not recommended to put 2D video and 3D video files in the same folder.

Also, in the case of 2D videos, it may be better to rotate them vertically or play them with a different aspect ratio, but if you need different settings for each title, you will have to reconfigure them, which is very troublesome. is. In that case, put a file named Setting_Separate.txt (file size can be any number) in that folder as shown below. When playing 2D video files continuously, the settings for rotation position and aspect ratio will not follow the previous settings and will always return to the default so that they can be set individually. Note that Setting_Separate.txt is valid only when using a folder path. It doesn’t work with WebDAV.

If you change the format while playing a video file, Channel Player remembers the setting, so the next time you play the file, it will play back in the format that was set in the past.

To change the video format, you can use the radial menu on the left side during playback on the player screen, and you can set it from the property screen before playback on the theater scene. See the help documentation (SciFi Theater, Player) for details.

top foldervideo folder 1video file 1mp4 file
video file 2
Still image file 1 jpg, png, webp file
video folder 2video file 1
video file 2
Still image file 1
Still image file 2



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