VR software

Here, we will guide you through the two versions of the Desktop version and the FOVE0 & Oculus Rift version.

The Channel Player for FOVE 0 and Oculus Rift respectively. VR movies saved on the PC are played back on a folder-by-folder basis.
Use the keyboard or XBox Game Controller and FOVE0 or Oculus Rift.

There is a restriction that the sample version can only be played for 60 seconds. There is no restriction on the limited-time promotion version or product version. In addition, the limited-time promotional version does not have the right to upgrade the version.

Revision History

2019-06-17 1.10
The default format for video playback has been changed from 180, LR to 2D, Mono.
Adjusted the camera position when shooting 2D thumbnails. In addition, since it is taken with the direction of the camera, the case of tracking off is It may be good.

2019-06-03 1.09
Function add
Supports FishEye180 Side by Side as a compatible format of VR180
-Changed to execute folder list acquisition in background when starting application and returning from folder change dialog.
-Camera tracking off, change screen capture button
Camera tracking off XBox controller Menu-> X button
Screen capture XBox controller View-> Y button
-2D screen aspect ratio change button 16: 9 <-> 4: 3
XBox Controller Y button-> DPad Up Triple click -Camera movement with the XBox controller left stick
I was using the XBox controller LB button to switch the mode back and forth and up and down, but I changed it to be up and down if it is held down and back and forth if it is not pressed.
Fixed a bug where camera left / right movement was linked incorrectly when moving the cursor left / right of the keyboard during video playback.
The app window was working even when inactive, but it was fixed to pause.
When moving up from the Clear button on the folder selection screen, it was in the middle of the list, but it was changed to the bottom of the list.

2019-04-27 1.08
– Function addition
The following features have been added during playback.
Camera move Add mode to move up and down
Q key: Moves the camera move up / down, in / out mode with XBox controller LB.
The default is In / Out.
2D screen
E key: Rotate the 2D screen clockwise by 90 degrees with the XBox controller RB.
T key: X Box controller Use Y button to switch the aspect ratio of the 2D screen to 16: 9 <-> 4: 3.
The default is 16: 9.
In the content selection screen, the title can be changed even with the XBox controller left stick.

– Functional correction
Camera tracking was minimized when tracking was off.

2019-04-06 1.07
– BugFix
In Rift version, fixed that the amount of camera direction control was doubled when HMD tracking was enabled.

2019-03-24 1.06
– Functional improvement
Rift can control the camera with/without HMD tracking is stopped.

2019-03-18 1.05
– Function addition
Implementation of HMD tracking off We made it possible to control the direction and position of the camera.
In the FOVE version, HMD tracking can be controlled independently of on and off.
In Rift version, control is possible only when HMD tracking is off. Added the function to capture thumbnail images during playback.
– Functional improvement
The frame was stopped when the title information display started, but it has been improved a little.

Content selection screen when channel player is started independently.

The Channel Player for Desktop is a derivative version from the channel player. Use the keyboard or XBox Game Controller and multi displays.

Revision History
2019-03-24 1.06
Function addition
Added screen capture and thumbnail image creation function.

2019-02-24 1.05
1st Release. Dedicated from Channel Plyaer of Rift and FOVE version, desktop version only displayable even without HMD.