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First thing to do after launching Channel Player

— Folder settings —

Even if you install and start Channel Player, select a video file and try to play it, you will be confused by the blue screen with letters at the bottom. The screen is shown below. This scene is called the SciFi theater screen or simply the theater screen. The purpose of this column is to set up a folder so that it can start playing.

With a normal VR app, lasers are displayed from the left and right Oculus Touch controllers, and when you pull the trigger, you can click the button currently selected with the laser pointer, but with Channel Player, no laser is displayed at all. , I think I’m at a loss as to how to operate there. (The reason for this UI is to ensure compatibility with controllers that cannot display lasers, such as Xbox game controllers, and to select the displayed buttons with a laser, it is necessary to match the position exactly, which is unexpectedly troublesome. The reason is the area I felt.)

At the bottom, “Folder is Empty. Please Push B Button(A Button at Oculus Touch) and Set Folder Path or WebDAV Address”

First, press the B button on the controller (it will be the A button if you changed the AB,XY exchange). A dialog will appear as shown below. This Dialog have Global Setting written at the top. There are three buttons on the second row from the bottom, but please use the stick to move to the “Set Folder Path” button in the middle, and then pull the trigger on the controller. Then press this button. If you don’t pull the trigger, selecting the button does nothing.

This will open the Folder Settings dialog shown below. Here, the path of the currently selected folder is displayed at the top of the screen. If this location is fine, press the Return button at the bottom right by pulling the trigger on the controller to close this folder setting dialog.

If you want to set a location other than here, there is a button with a folder name and an up arrow on the right side, so if you want to go to the upper folder position, operate the stick until the up arrow button position to change the selected button. If you don’t pull the trigger, selecting the button does nothing. If you want to go under each folder button that is currently displayed instead of the folder above, move the stick to the appropriate button, pull the trigger and press.

When you have reached the desired folder location, go back to the Return button in the lower right and pull the trigger to close this folder settings dialog. By the way, the folder can be closed by pressing the B button on the controller regardless of the currently selected button position (close with the A button when AB, XY is being exchanged).

This will return you to the original settings dialog display as shown below. You can see that the display below the WebDav setting button has changed from “WebDav/Folder Setting is Empty” to the display of the selected folder location. At this point, press the back button at the bottom right of the dialog, or press the B button on the controller (the A button when AB, XY are exchanged) to close this setting dialog and return to the original theater screen. increase.

I returned to the theater screen. I think it looks like the one below. “Folder is Empty. Please Push B Button(A Button at Oculus Touch) and Set Folder Path or WebDAV Address” Become.

If the folder name is not displayed here and you still see the title in the folder, or if the folder is still being read, there are video and still image files in the folder below the selected folder position. indicates that it is bent. In that case, please select another folder.

In this state, if you want to play the video title indicated by the currently displayed folder name, press the A button (or the B button when AB, XY are being exchanged). Plays videos in this folder in order. If you want to select another video title instead, tilt the stick left or right to display a different video title.

If you save a still image file in addition to the video file in each folder where the video title is saved, it will be displayed as a thumbnail and the blue screen will disappear.

On the theater screen, if you move the stick up and down, it will be 1. Name Order, 2. Update Date Order, 3. Favorites, 4. Unplay Title Name Order, 5. Unplay Title Update Order, 6. History, 7. Search.. increase.

If you want to know other operation methods, please refer to the help of the theater screen or the help of the player screen. I would like to write a column that explains other operation methods at a later date.




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