Channel Player for Quest 2 readme(en)

Channel Player 1.31 readme file

table of contents
1. Information of this software
2. Installation method
3. Limitations of sample version and price of product version and how to obtain it
4. How to play VR movies
5. Information and copyright information on Unity Asset included in this software
6. Restrictions
7. Customization information
8. Revision History

1. Information of this software
 Software name: Channel Player for Quest 2
 Version: 1.31
 Types: VR video player application
 Creation date: 2022-10-12
 Copyright holder: Applet LLC
 Distributor: Applet LLC
  Play multiple VR movie titles on your Quest 2 internal storage or WebDAV server as if they were a single video file. and You can also browse still images and comic books (zip, cbz). It has a back-up mode, category function, history function, favorite function, search function, and viewpoint movement function.

Reprint and License: 
 The sample version can be reprinted without permission, as long as it is the obtained zip file.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Applet LLC licenses the use of the software by purchasing this software according to this EULA.
In order to obtain this permission, you must pay the price.

Prohibited act
Transfer or resale of this software is prohibited.
Also, do not leak confidential information obtained through reverse engineering.

Copyright etc.
The copyright of this software belongs to Applet LLC. The copyright of each installed middleware belongs to the respective copyright holders. The rights have not been transferred to the licensed person.

Area of resposibility
There is no liability for defects. In addition, if any accident or damage occurs by using this software, the responsibility of this software lies with the user. Also, if the program does not work properly, we will do our best to support you and fix the defects, but we do not promise or guarantee it.

Compression format: zip
Operating environment: Oculus Quest 2
Input device: Oculus Touch

Development Environment: Unity 2018.4.35f1
 Please refer to Chapter 5 for the Unity Asset and other copyright information used.

Difference between sample version and product version:
  In the sample version, the video playback of the VR file is only for 60 seconds. 
  There are no restrictions on still image display.
  If it is shareware and you want to continue using it, you need to purchase the product version at a price of $4.99 (US dollars) including tax.

2. Installation method and uninstallation method
(1) Installation
 Please open the obtained zip file. Please open the following files after opening.

 If you have sidequest installed on your PC, you can select and install the apk file in the folder.
   When using the adb command, it is as follows.

 In case of sample version
  adb install Setup_CP_Sample_131.apk

 For product version
  adb install Setup_CP_Retail_131.apk

3. Limitations of sample version and price of product version
 In the sample version, the video playback of the VR file is only for 60 seconds.
 There are no restrictions on still image display.
 Although there are no restrictions on the product version, the selling price is $4.99 (US dollars) including tax.

 Please open the following URL ito purchase Channel_Player for Quest 2 product version.
 You can purchase with Paypal or credit card.

4. How to play VR movies
(1) Setting the top folder of video files
Built-in storage and WebDAV are available in the Quest2 version. In the case of internal storage, select the top folder where the video, still image or comic book (zip, cbz) file is placed in the folder settings.

(2) About WebDav
If you are using WebDAV, it will be as follows.
We have confirmed the operation with WebDAV attached to IIS on Windows 10.

Please see the following web page for how to install WebDAV.
English page
Windows 10 IIS WebDAV Settings
Japanese page
Windows 10 IIS WebDAV 設定
As an overview, in the authoring rule settings of the WebDAV server, https is disabled, please allow access to all users. In other words, no ID or password is required. In particular, set the query permission for the anonymous property in the WebDAV settings to True. In the WebDAV settings of Channel Player, set the IP address of the PC running WebDAV. For example, or It is not necessary to put http:// at the beginning. Set the top folder of the folder group where the video files are placed to the WebDAV address, and if there are folders directly under this folder, treat them as category folders and expand them to each line below the search line To do. In WebDAV, if you register the MIME format of the .cbz file extension as follows, you can also refer to the comic book of the cbz file. MIMI-TYPE application / x-cbr (2) For the operation method, see the html file included in the zip file with a browser. SciFi theater screen index1.html index1jp.html Player screen index2.html index2jp.html You can also see it on the website. 5. Information and copyright information on Unity Asset included in this software icon 139 Vector Icons by GDev 200+ Console Controller Icons by KENDOSOFT Oculus Rift Controller Icons Pack by QUBITS SkyBox Planet Earth skyboxes pro by TAGIT EAST Theater scene VR Sci-Fi Cinema by Tirgames assets Middleware Oculus Integration v29(1.61.0) AVPro Video 2.1.3 by RenderHeads Ltd Panorama180 Render by ft-lab Use the following code to implement FishEye. It is also included in the above Asset. MIT License. Copyright (c) 2019 ft-lab. Ported calcUV() function of panoramaSphereRendering.shader to Shader of AVPro Radial Menu Framework by Brett Gregory Simple Toggle Button by Quickz Unity Samples: UI by Unity Technologies WebDav.Client 2.7.0 by skazantsev MIT License. CBR/CBZ Comics in C# CPOL SharpZipLib ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll MIT License. ICSharpCode webp-0.3.7.unitypackage MIT license 6. Restrictions (1) Player -In the sample version, the VR video file can only be played for 60 seconds. If the jump destination exceeds 60 seconds when the playback position is changed, playback ends. -When playing multiple files continuously, there is a little time left when moving to the next file. Also, if you replace the video file when changing the playback position, it will take some time. Also, when starting playback from a position in the middle of the previous file, since the position is changed after starting playback from the beginning, the beginning position may be displayed momentarily. -When changing the playback position while playing a VR video file, the audio is muted, but if a loud sound is recorded, a loud sound may be output immediately after playback at the jump destination. Please be careful. -The extensions of still image files used as thumbnail images of folders are only .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .png, and .webp It is displayed so that it fits vertically and horizontally, but if the aspect ratio is not 16:9, it will be displayed repeatedly to fill in the gaps. -If the extension of the movie file in the folder is .mp4, .mkv, .m4v, .mov, .avi, .webm, it will be judged as a movie file. If it doesn't play, it may be due to the limitation of AVPro Video asset or Quest graphic chip. When playback fails, the screen may remain black, so try ending playback with the Esc key or B button (A button on Oculus Touch). If playback doesn't end, press the Oculus button to quit the application. -The thumbnail images and video files in folders are determined by the order in which they are displayed on the file system. -If there are only still image files in the folder, the still image display mode is set. If even one video file exists, the video will be played. -The extensions of the supported files for still images and still images in comic books are .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .png, and .webp Also, the maximum size of a still image file in a comic book (zip, cbz) file is up to 20MB, and if there is a file that exceeds it, it cannot be displayed. -For movies, the camera position is saved for each file, but for still images and comic books, the camera position is saved for each folder or comic file. (2) Folder for movies If there is no movie file to play in the folder, that folder is excluded. Also, folders that do not have access privileges and cannot read files and folder names that end with a double-byte space are excluded. It does not work with WebDAV, but if there is Setting_Separate.txt (file size is arbitrary) for each folder for 2D videos, if the settings are not saved, the aspect ratio will be Auto and no rotation. If there is no Setting_Separate.txt, it follows the settings of the video played immediately before. If you put video files with different aspect ratios and rotation positions in the same folder, it is better to put Setting_Separate.txt. 7. Customization information Quest version is no cutom setting. 8. Revision History 2022-10-12 1.31 - bug fixes Fixed an issue where the screen would go black when starting still image playback. This is a bug that occurred when version 1.30 supported 3D still images, and there is no problem with zip files. 2022-10-11 1.30 - Function addition - Support for 3D still image (180/LR, FishEye180/LR) drawing - Added a function to reset the video/still image format to 2D/mono on the left side of the radial menu during playback to reset to 180/LR if the current setting is 2D/mono. - Specification change - The volume used to change according to the distance from the screen when the direction or position of the camera was changed. - Play, pause and stop icons now disappear after a few seconds instead of staying on. - Fixed an issue where an error may be displayed while loading if neither videos nor still images are found when setting folders. - Quest version - Faster linear conversion from still image gamma - Android Target SDK 27 to 29. - bug fixes - Improved the response of playback start operation from the theater screen. - In the case of English display, changed from Application Exit to Quit notation in the setting dialog. - When capturing, it was firing continuously according to the time the trigger was pulled, so it has been adjusted so that it only fires once. - Fixed a bug where the file would not play correctly if a trigger was used to start file playback from the Properties dialog on the Theater screen. - Fixed a bug where the left trigger from the property screen during playback would go back 10 seconds. - In the quest version, the B button was Enter in the property dialog when playing, so change it to the A button. 2022-09-04 1.29 - Function additions and changes - Color dialog Open a dialog with the Y button during playback pause Color temperature, Tint, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast can be adjusted The settings on the right side of the radial menu during video playback are only brightness, and the others shift to the color dialog. - Setting dialog Added LR replacement function for Side by Side videos Move function Move the folder marked as favorite to the _favorite folder Removed volume and mute from the settings dialog - Properties dialog Displaying the folder name of the title being played Previously, the property (direct jump) dialog was displayed with the Y button regardless of pause/playback, but changed to only during playback When moving to the very end of the title, the playback is changed from the beginning of the next file instead of the end of that file. - At startup Cancel the recenter of the camera When Oculus is started for the first time, AB replacement is the default. The default camera movement during video playback is only during a pause. Added a cache function when reading folders at startup. The cache is invalidated when the folder position/URL of WebDAV is changed, and when the number of subfolders is changed in the case of a folder. The setting file became abnormal at the time of abnormal termination, so I saved two bak files and used the bak file in the event of an abnormality. - others Compatible with WebP files for video thumbnails and still image display functions Sphere scale increased from 10 to 20 Sequential update of history and favorite rows Add action display icon In the still image display, only the pause display was prepared, but the pause and stop icon display has been added, including video playback. Also added a play icon display when playback starts When displaying a still image, if the page could not be turned any more, the page was displayed again, but it was canceled and the prohibition icon was displayed Expanded aspect ratio settings when playing 2D video files. Previously it was a toggle between 16:9 and 4:3, but now Auto (the size of the video file itself) and aspect ratios 16:16, 2.35:1, 9:16 have been added When changing the 2D aspect ratio and rotating, it is now remembered by file instead of by folder. It does not work with WebDAV, but if there is Setting_Separate.txt (file size is arbitrary) for each folder, if the settings are not saved, the aspect ratio will be Auto and there will be no rotation. If there is no Setting_Separate.txt, it follows the settings of the video played immediately before. If you put video files with different aspect ratios and rotation positions in the same folder, it is better to put Setting_Separate.txt. - Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused the camera to move slightly when starting to move Fixed the problem of clicking when opening the WebDAV settings dialog There were cases where afterimages remained during direct jumps, so the video was muted. - Specification changes specific to the Quest version Changed from Gumma to Lear SciFi theater screen brightened As a result, the default brightness was made the same as the SteamVR version. Android API level changed to minimum 25, target 27 Oculus Integration v20.1(1.52.1) changed to v29(1.61.0) Color Gamut has been changed from Quest to Rec. 2020 for Quest 2. 2021-06-18 1.28 Common for SteamVR/Quest2 version Radial menu right side - Added brightness change function on title selection screen. - Added ability to change white balance (color temperature, tint) and brightness while playing video. Quest2 version - Added AndroidManifest.xml <activity android:taskAffinity=""> for security vulnerability screening. 2021-06-15 1.27 Quest2 version submitted to AppLab. 2021-05-30 1.26 Specification change - Changed the version of the video decoder AVPro Video to Ver.2. - Added Auto mode to automatically recognize video Stereo formats such as SBS and TB. If you start playback after setting it to Auto, the automatic recognition will work. If the video decoder fails to recognize the format, please set it manually. If you set Auto during playback, the Auto setting will take effect on the next playback. If the format of the first video played after startup is not yet set, it will be set to 2D/Auto. If the format of the video is not yet set for the second or subsequent playback after startup, the format will be the same as the last one played. - Changed the ratio of the 3D Slim setting from 1:1.25 to 1:1.14. - For Quest2, changed from Arm7 (Unity Mono) to Arm64 version (Unity IL2CPP, Android Studio). As a result, the build ID has been changed, so the update installation on Quest2 will fail. If you want to migrate information such as folder settings and favorites, please uninstall from Side Quest app after running Backup Game Data, and restore Game Data of setup after app installation. 2021-05-23 1.25 Bug fixes - Remove android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO for Arm64/AppLab Version. - Adjusted the position of the title information display during playback, as the time display was overlapping when the video length exceeded one hour. 2021-05-08 1.24 Bug fixes - When changing the volume or brightness in the radial menu during playback, the setting values were saved in advance in case of abnormal termination. However, the load was so heavy that it caused the video playback to pause, so the settings are no longer saved, and the settings are saved only when the playback ends. - Garbage collection was occurring in string processing when title information was displayed repeatedly during playback, but string processing has been optimized to reduce the frequency of garbage collection. 2021-04-18 1.23 Added functions - When displaying a still image or a comic book, the first page and the last page are displayed when the stick is moved up or down, but if the stick is moved back down or up immediately, it will return to the previous page because of the possibility of accidental operation. - You can now use the Y button to open the direct jump dialog when displaying still images or comic books. You can jump directly to the page. - In the title selection screen, when the search button is clicked from the settings dialog, the folder name of the title can be extracted as a keyword for search operation. - When you click the search button on the title selection screen, the folder name of the title can be extracted as a keyword. Specification changes - Changed the color of the progress bar of the title information display during playback from red to blue. - In 1.22, the title information display was only displayed on the right side of the screen, but it has been changed to the left side in the SteamVR version. In 1.22, the title information was displayed only on the right side of the screen. - Direct jump dialog now closes immediately when playback starts. - When the Direct Jump dialog is opened, the position of the user operation bar on the button of the currently playing file is now set to the time position when it is opened. - Adjusted the trigger response for WebDAV address input. Bug fixes - When using the trigger instead of the A button when starting playback by selecting each file in the property dialog, seek was generated and the problem of playback from the wrong position was fixed. - The problem of seeking has been fixed when using the trigger to start playback from the title selection screen when the start playback by trigger is enabled in the same way as above. 2021-03-30 1.22 - Changed the logo and icon. - Changed from Unity 2018.4.3f1 to Unity 2018.4.32f1. 2021-03-26 1.21 Added functions Unplayed folders are now marked with a blue diamond in the upper right corner. Bug fix - Fixed a bug that prevented thumbnail display in WebDAV. - Stopped reloading folders after opening the settings dialog. - Fixed a problem where warp jumping would work after a direct jump if the left or right stick was used in the direct jump operation. - Properties for direct jumping during playback are now updated when the currently playing file is finished. 2020-03-21 1.20 - The following functions have been added. - Implementation of direct jump function A dialog is displayed with the Y button during video playback. Operate the stick up / down / left / right to jump to the marker position of the file selected by the trigger. - In Quest2 version, enable the function to capture and thumbnail the video when playing the video in the built-in storage. - Implemented the following specification changes and function corrections - Change of capture function operation method The function that can be captured with the Y button during the pause of video playback is because the Y button has been changed to the property dialog display for direct jump. The implementation was changed as a capture button in the property dialog. - Supports uppercase extensions ZIP, JPG, and MP4 with uppercase extensions are also displayed. I used to ignore it. - Expanded the number of characters displayed in the folder name On the title selection screen and information display during video playback, the number of characters that can be displayed has been expanded from 100 to 140 without omitting it. - Limitations - The Xbox Game Contoroler support has been removed from the Quest 2 version. It wasn't working. I am sorry. - Added to the restrictions that double, triple click and warp jump may not work in trick play by trigger operation. You can operate the stick or jump from the property dialog. 2020-02-22 1.19 - Added the following functions Both SteamVR version and Quest version - Still image (jpg, png) and comic book (zip, cbz) display - Added brightness change function for still image display and 2D playback screen Quest version Supports video and still image playback in the internal storage of the device - Implemented the following specification changes and defect repairs Both SteamVR version and Quest version - On still image display and 2D playback screen The background is not all black, but outer space. The title information display and the position of the radial menu have been moved closer to the screen. - The movement range of the camera during playback was canceled from being closed inside the VR sphere, and the movement speed was increased by 1.5 times compared to the conventional one. - Recenter was performed at the start of playback, but changed to only once at startup. - Changed the volume control curve from B curve to A curve. Quest version Solved the problem that startup failed once every two times. ABXY is replaced in the setting dialog, and the desktop display is displayed, but it cannot be changed and does not work. 2020-01-14 1.18 - The following functions have been added. - SteamVR version Added the function to switch the A and B buttons and the X and Y buttons. It can be changed in the setting dialog. When using Oculus Touch, press the A button to start playback and the B button to end it. - Common update In the setting dialog, the version number is displayed at the bottom left. - Implemented the following defect repairs - Quest version Fixed a bug that WarpJump could not be done with the left and right triggers of Oculus Touch - Common update Fixed the volume display value not blinking on the title information display during trick play or playback. This was temporarily muted so that there would be no broken sound when jumping, but I could see it. 2020-12-30 1.17 - Add or change the following features - If there are multiple thumbnail images, they will be updated and displayed each time they are displayed. - In the implementation, I was waiting for the button to go up when moving up / down / left / right, but now it works when the button goes down. - Mute will dim the volume display. - The amount of movement when jumping with single, double, and warp is now displayed. - Implementation waited for the button to go up until the trick play started, but now it starts with the button down. As a result of the above, the single jump works lightly, but the specifications have been changed as follows. - For doubles, triples and warps, a single (10 second skip) is always performed. - If you repeat single (skip 10 seconds), it will be judged as double or triple. - Fixed the following bugs - When jumping to the next file, jump to the position moved 10 seconds from the beginning or the file 2 steps ahead. - Jumping to the next file will cancel the mute. - The title position displayed at startup is always initialized. - When returning from the properties dialog, if you return with a trigger, playback will start or the displayed title will move. 2020-12-22 1.16 - Quest2 version and SteamVR version released - Common updates - Most operations can be performed only on the right side of Oculus Touch. - Prepared a mode that can start playback with a trigger - The property dialog can now be closed with the B button. - The property dialog can be opened from the setting dialog. - Camera position and orientation movement can now be set only during pause. - During playback, it was possible to play tricks and change the format with the left and right sticks. - The format of each file can be set in the property dialog. - The position and orientation of the camera are saved for each played file. - Changed to remember the past settings of WebDAV. - Fixed the problem that the upper button was not selected and displayed immediately after opening the radial menu. - Quest 2 version Enabled that the function to darken the screen in the theater scene was disabled - SteamVR version - WebDAV compatible - Fixed the problem that the volume became 1.0 when moving the playback file. - In the ceiling mode, the orientation was changed by 90 degrees, but it was changed to 75 degrees. 2020-11-03 1.15 Quest 2 version only released - Ported to Oculue Quset 2 - WebDAV is now available. Instead, Quest 2 removed support for the local file system. - In SteamVR, A and B, X and Y of Oculus Touch buttons in OpenVR are exchanged, but in Quest2 version, if OVRManager is inserted, it will be correct, so help was fixed. - Fixed the problem that the volume became 1.0 when moving the playback file. - In ceiling mode, the orientation was changed to 90 degrees, but it was changed to 75 degrees. 2020-08-22 1.14 - Oculus Touch support - Adoption of Radial-Menu - Display the Help screen even in the SciFi theater room. Review display content - The folder setting screen is converted to a dialog. - Add memory key for folder path - Add Property Dialog - Added playback function for each file and Explorer start function - Move favorite ON/OFF function to properties dialog - Resume playback implementation - Automatic recognition of category folders and line display - Recenter function fixed (not only initialization of camera position, but notification to SteamVR side) - Added the function to display the current time - Change the information saved by the application from registry to file usage. Minimal in the registry. The folder path setting and information for each title before 1.13 are not inherited. I am sorry. - After capture, it will be reflected immediately as a thumbnail image. - Expansion of jump (change playback position) methods during playback - Partial change and expansion of operation buttons In particular, the operation method has been changed for the following functions. 2D screen 90 degree right rotation 1.13 or earlier Xbox controller RB 1.14 Radial-Menu L 2D screen Aspect ratio change 1.13 or earlier Xbox Controller D-Pad Up 3 clicks 1.14 Radial-Menu L Move camera up and down 1.13 or earlier Xbox controller LB 1.14 Pushing the left stick Title information display LB, RB add temporary display and push right stick Recentor 1.13 or earlier Xbox Controller D-Pad Down 3 clicks 1.14 Xbox Controller X Button Tracking off 1.13 or earlier Xbox controller X button 1.14 Xbox Controller LB + X Button 2019-10-01 1.13 -Bug fix Fixed a bug where the display may return to the normal display mode when Recenter is executed in the ceiling display mode on the title selection screen. 2019-09-21 1.12 - Specification change In the Japanese environment, the language of the setting dialog has been changed to Japanese. 2019-09-02 1.11 - Function addition -Added settings dialog -Add a mode to change the display position to the top -Added mute and volume control -Turn on / off camera movement during playback -Turn on / off video display on PC desktop screen -The title display screen is rearranged in the following order by moving up and down. Name order, date order, favorites, unplayed name order, unplayed date order, history, search results -Accelerate display of title information during playback - Specification change Integrate Fove / Rift common version and Rift version, create only SteamVR version As a result, Oculus Remote is no longer supported. Only Xbox controllers and keyboards are supported. -Removed title auto scroll function on title display screen -The title display screen is dark. -Changed help image to Xbox controller. -Instead of moving to the folder setting screen with the B button, the setting dialog is displayed first. -Capturing with the Y button during playback was only possible during playback pause. -Changed post-processing to V2 -Bug fixes -Support for single character folders. A folder with only one character could not be recognized. -An exception has been created to exclude the Windows system attribute folder. -Folders ending with a double-byte space are excluded because they cannot be read correctly. 2019-06-17 1.10 - Change The default format for video playback has been changed from 180, LR to 2D, Mono. - Correct Adjusted the camera position when shooting 2D thumbnails. In addition, since it is taken with the direction of the camera, the case of tracking off is It may be good. 2019-06-03 1.09 - Function add Supports FishEye180 Side by Side as a compatible format of VR180 - Change -Changed to execute folder list acquisition in background when starting application and returning from folder change dialog. -Camera tracking off, change screen capture button Camera tracking off Xbox controller Menu-> X button Screen capture Xbox controller View-> Y button -2D screen aspect ratio change button 16: 9 <-> 4: 3 Xbox Controller Y button-> DPad Up Triple click -Camera movement with the Xbox controller left stick I was using the Xbox controller LB button to switch the mode back and forth and up and down, but I changed it to be up and down if it is held down and back and forth if it is not pressed. - Correct Fixed a bug where camera left / right movement was linked incorrectly when moving the cursor left / right of the keyboard during video playback. The app window was working even when inactive, but it was fixed to pause. When moving up from the Clear button on the folder selection screen, it was in the middle of the list, but it was changed to the bottom of the list. 2019-04-27 1.08 - Function addition The following features have been added during playback. Camera move Add mode to move up and down Q key: Moves the camera move up / down, in / out mode with Xbox controller LB. The default is In / Out. 2D screen E key: Rotate the 2D screen clockwise by 90 degrees with the Xbox controller RB. T key: X Box controller Use Y button to switch the aspect ratio of the 2D screen to 16: 9 <-> 4: 3. The default is 16: 9. In the content selection screen, the title can be changed even with the Xbox controller left stick. - Functional correction Camera tracking was minimized when tracking was off. 2019-04-06 1.07 - BugFix In Rift version, fixed that the amount of camera direction control was doubled when HMD tracking was enabled. 2019-03-24 1.06 - Functional improvement Rift can control the camera with/without HMD tracking is stopped. 2019-03-18 1.05 - Fuction addition Implementation of HMD tracking off We made it possible to control the direction and position of the camera. In the FOVE version, HMD tracking can be controlled independently of on and off. In Rift version, control is possible only when HMD tracking is off. Added the function to capture thumbnail images during playback. - Functional improvement The frame was stopped when the title information display started, but it has been improved a little. 2019-02-24 1.04 - Function addition Added 2D (3D) movie playback function which is not VR. If it is a 3D movie in LR or SBS format, it corresponds to that display. The folder name is displayed at the same time when time is displayed. When Windows is in Japanese environment, Japanese is displayed in text display. When exiting from the folder selection screen, when the ESC key or the B button repeatedly hits, the application ends, so the display of the exit dialog has been added without changing the key assignment. - Bug fixes The mouse pointer was displayed, but since it can not be used, the pointer display has been deleted. In the key operation, long press (repeat) judgment was frame by frame, but it was fixed in seconds. When tracing folders and files below the set folders, they were ignored when they could not be read, but when there was no authority, the error ended internally was corrected. 2019-02-04 1.03 - Function addition Added fast forward, rewind, time display, and key assignment display during movie playback. Also canceled video display on PC desktop side (Rift version only) Added termination by B Button on the folder selection screen. On the movie selection screen, automatic feed was implemented by pressing long left and right. - Bug fixes The current setting was duplicated in SBS / Top & Bottom / Mono switching during movie playback and it was removed. VR 180 When replaying movies, fixed the trash displayed behind. - Others I cut down the shortcut registration of the browser and deleted the description from the readme. We shared the player's binary with Rift and FOVE. I changed the seeking method from seek to seekfast for AVPro. Changed from Unity 2017.3.1f1 to 2017.4.17f1. Changed AVPro Video Asset from Version 1.9.8 to 1.9.12. 2019-01-20 1.02 Supports playback of VR movie files saved on PC From the browser, only one video file can be selected and played. In addition, with the player alone, it corresponds to the playback in the folder unit where the movie was saved. For each folder, the first image file found is used as a folder thumbnail. Multiple movie files in a folder can be played continuously like a single movie file. Change application name, executable file name, hashtag. 2018-03-19 1.01 Since it turned out that the symbol can not be used for the hashtag name Hashtag name changed from #VRCHB&P to #VRCHBP. Together we changed the program name and installation folder. The hashtag name displayed when pressing the Tweet button has also been changed. 2018-03-18 1.00 1st Release [EOF]